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Naomi Watts in her best role yet Jet Girl

Naomi Watts in her best role yet Jet Girl

AUSSIE star Naomi Watts says actors should be immune from pay cuts in the financial crisis – because the world needs escapism.


Asked in an interview with Cinema Confidential whether Hollywood actors are making too much money at a time when the economy is in tatters and people are being laid off, the actor responded:

“I think we may be more open to negotiations and things like that but I think the art world tends to thrive in times of recession.

“We need the escapism,” she said.

“We need stories to be told to take ourselves away from the reality of our situations of circumstance. So I don’t think it’s (Hollywood) gonna stop. I think money is gonna be tight, definitely.”

Good point, but easily said when you get paid more for one film than most people do in their entire life.,22606,25100231-5012985,00.html