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August 13, 2012

Mark Bouris

pension 030309 photo Greg Newington Generic, pension, superannuation, retirement, age, elderly, medical, hospital. Wheelchair.There are more benefits than simple dollar gain when hiring staff with a disability. Photo: Greg Newington

A FRIEND who is disabled recently asked me why I don’t have anyone with disabilities working in my business. I had no answer and thought maybe I should make my business more accessible to people with disabilities looking for work. Is there a process to go through? I am completely in the dark about this and would love any guidance.

THIS is a good question and I thought it would be best to speak to my friends over at Nova Employment in Caringbah, New South Wales, to get some advice.

Chief executive Martin Wren told me that more than 720,000 people receive the disability pension and many are keen, skilled and more than able to deliver on the job.

He says that each day at least five people who started as welfare dependents end up taxpayers, and that most remain effective employees with retention and productivity rates that exceed the general workforce.

Martin says that when a person with a disability starts working with a new business, there are plenty of aids to make the integration as smooth as possible – technological support, physical adjustments to the workplace and extensive post-placement support that can continue indefinitely.

These are all ”no charge” options that can be utilised to quickly settle a new worker in and there are some significant wage assistance packages available should they be needed to further sweeten the deal.

Martin told me the number of Australian business owners hiring a person with a disability is increasing, and more people are realising it isn’t an act of charity but a sound business decision that brings flow-on benefits far beyond a simple dollar gain. There are plenty of agencies you can speak to in order to get more information and find out the requirements for your business.

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