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by: By staff writers
  • From: AAP
  • June 06, 2012 4:35PM


  • Families claim they are getting sick because of gas odours
  • Residents believe gas wells near their homes are leaking toxic gases.
  • Queensland Government says they are looking into concerns

Coal seam gas

Residents are concerned about the affect coal seam gas is having on their families. Source: Supplied

 PARENTS of sick children living in a Queensland “gas estate” want an independent investigation into coal seam gas activities.

Government gas investigators have been sent to the Tara residential estate, west of Brisbane, amid reports of gassy odours and children with nose bleeds, headaches and rashes.

Mother of five Debbie Orr is among the many residents who believe coal seam gas wells near their homes are leaking toxic gases.

Ms Orr, who is pregnant, told AAP she wants to leave but her family feels “trapped” because they can’t sell the house or afford to move.

“There are 19 families that I know about who experience headaches that won’t go away, nose bleeds and rashes,” Ms Orr said.

“My kids have been having nose bleeds, headaches and burning itchy eyes off and on for the last three years.”

Ms Orr has been living at Tara for the past 11 years.

“We never had the odours or bad health before coal seam gas came here,” she said.

“We have noticed these symptoms disappear when we leave the area.

“My young fella had a headache that no pain killer could get rid of during Christmas Eve. We put him on a bus to Newcastle and by the time we were in Toowoomba, his headache was gone.”

Ms Orr said the Bligh government had ignored their complaints and she did not believe the Newman government would be any different.

She said governments were influenced by the lucrative mining industry.

“The only way is to have an independent investigation into what is happening out here,” she said.

The Queensland government says residents’ concerns are being treated as a matter of urgency, and air quality tests have been ordered.

But it says it’s too early to speculate about whether the gassy odours are linked to coal seam gas production.

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    • Jule Moenius
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