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 March 29, 2012

Stever Robbins

Scheduling. I just love scheduling! No, I don’t. I hate scheduling. And scheduling via email can be a horror show.

Is this familiar?

You: Want to get together?

Them: Sure! How about next week?

You: That sounds great. When are you free?

Them: Pretty much any time. What works for you?

You: Thursday is pretty open.

Them: Ok, how about Thursday at noon.

You: Actually, I have lunch plans at noon. But how about 1pm?

Them: That works. Where shall we go?

You: I was thinking somewhere fun. What’s fun for you?

Unless you enjoy these exchanges, it’s time for a change.

Rather than making a vague intention about the future, get specific. Put a stake in the ground as early in the conversation as possible by proposing a date and time. The other person is still free to come back with a counter-proposal, but they can also just say “yes,” saving you a lot of scheduling time and hassle.

You: Want to get together next Wednesday at 2pm at Dave & Buster’s?

Them: I’m busy at 2pm. How about 3pm?

You: We’re on!

I’m Stever Robbins.  If you want to know more, visit


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