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What a great achievement, if it could be done.  But will the Government rush into disaster by pushing an already over-stretched public service to rollout a huge, complex scheme in record time? Will it be a repeat of the roof-insulation and school capital works program fiascos?


Thousands to benefit as $8bn National Disability Insurance Scheme rolled out

  • by: By Malcolm Farr, National Political Editor
  • From:
  • April 30, 2012 5:08PM


  • National Disability Insurance Scheme rolled out early
  • More than 10,000 people set to benefit from mid-2013
  • People with permanent disability will receive lifetime care


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THE National Disability Insurance Scheme will start a year ahead of schedule with 10,000 people set to benefit from mid-2013, it was revealed today.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the early start to be followed by a further 10,000 to be covered in 2014.

“The timeframe announced today means the first stage of an NDIS will be delivered a full year ahead of the timetable set out by the Productivity Commission,” the Prime Minister said.

“For the first time in Australia’s history people with significant and permanent disability will receive lifetime care and support, regardless of how they acquired their disability.”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has previously backed the scheme and today supported progress on its introduction while repeating an offer of Opposition help in its implementation.

However, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey questioned the financing of the insurance policy, weakening the bipartisan sentiment of his leader.

“Look, the NDIS is a very worthy scheme but it sounds to me like the dying days of a government when they make big heroic announcements about massive programs and they won’t tell you how they’re going to pay for it,” Mr Hockey said.

“This is the problem, this is the legacy of Gough Whitlam, it looks like it’s going to be a legacy of Julia Gillard.

“Australians have to pay for it. It’s the fundamental point and I expect if the Government is going to claim that it is proceeding with the National Disability Insurance Scheme it will tell Australians how it’s going to pay for it.”

The scheme will cost some $8 billion a year to fully implement, with a payment of $67,000 a year for an individual.

Mr Hockey said that amounted to an extra $1000 a year in tax for taxpayers.

The Prime Minister added the scheme would be put together with the help of the states but wouldn’t further elaborate on funding.

“Well, you’ll see the provision we’re making for the launch sites in the Budget next week,” Ms Gillard told reporters.

“On working with the states and territories, at the last Council of Australian Governments meeting we actually took some positive steps on working together.

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