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May 27, 2009 09:50am

MOST of the MPs in the Coalition don’t think an emissions trading scheme will deliver reductions in carbon pollution, veteran Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey says, despite a scheme still being Coalition policy.

The Coalition parties yesterday opted to defer until early next year a Parliamentary vote on Government legislation setting up emissions trading. It wants the Government to wait until after global climate change talks in Copenhagen and for the results of a Productivity Commission inquiry.

But whether it will support a trading scheme after that is not yet certain.

“I, and the majority of the Coalition party room, say it will not work, it will not deliver carbon emission reduction,” Mr Tuckey says.

The $23 billion the Government spent on cash handouts in its second stimulus package would have been better spent renewable energy projects, he said.

Opposition frontbencher Andrew Robb said the Coalition believed an emissions trading scheme should be introduced “when we get it right”.

“This issue is too important to have a rushed, ill-conceived approach,” he said, adding it was the biggest single, structural change in history.

26 May 2009 Liberal backbencher Stuart Robert said it was still Coalition policy to have an emissions trading scheme up and running by 2012.

However, Labor MP Jason Clare said Liberal Party MPs were the laggards when it came to climate change.

“What we have in America now is we’ve got Republicans who are more progressive than the Liberal Party,” Mr Clare told Sky News.

Liberal backbencher Scott Morrison dismissed that argument as “nonsense”, saying the Coalition was holding out an “olive branch” to the Government on emissions targets.

Labor MP Jim Turnour said the Coalition’s call for a Productivity Commission inquiry into an emissions trading scheme was a delaying tactic which would deny business certainty.

“There are billions of dollars in our scheme to support … trade-exposed businesses,” he said.

Mr Turnour denied reports the Government would withhold compensation if the emissions trading scheme was delayed.,27574,25545205-29277,00.html


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