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Agence France-Presse
May 15, 2009 02:46pm

AIR New Zealand will offer a lonelyhearts trip for US singles to New Zealand in what it is billing as the world’s matchmaking flight.

US singles are being offered the chance to fly from Los Angeles in October to “get amongst it” with New Zealanders at the “Great Matchmaking Ball” in Auckland.

Before take-off passengers will attend a pre-flight gate party at Los Angeles Airport, and themed food, drink, entertainment and games will be offered during the long flight, said Air New Zealand’s Steve Bayliss.

The global downturn in travel due to the economic crisis and more recently the swine flu outbreak is leading the airline to come up with unusual marketing ideas.

Earlier this week it launched a domestic television ad showing staff including baggage handlers, pilots and cabin crew at work wearing very little but body paint.

Even chief executive Rob Fyfe appeared briefly in the advert.,28318,25487476-5014090,00.html?referrer=email&source=eDM_newspulse


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