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Boost your confidence and results by power dressing

28 April 2009 6:14am

The way you package yourself won’t by itself get you more business, but clients will pick up on your improved confidence, says image consultant Elena Reed.

Right now it’s all about “dressing like you mean business”, she says. “To succeed in recruitment, like in any other industry, you’ve got to keep current, positive and stay on top of your game. You can choose to dismiss the wardrobe trends as shallow and unimportant, but it might be worthwhile to take note and just make a few little adjustments. After all, you don’t want to undermine your professional expertise by opting for a dated and unprofessional visual image.”

Reed, of Evolutzia, points out: “Whether you like it or not people do judge a book by its cover and we will be judged even when the stock market is falling and business is slow.”

Besides, she says. “there’s enough stress, anxiety and tension around, why wear ‘sombre’ clothes?”

The fashion world’s response to the economic doom and gloom has been to introduce more colour – vibrant and bold hues – and a return to “power dressing”, she says. This has taken the form of fitted jackets in bold fuschia and hot pink (on women) and fiery red ties on men.

Reed says you can embrace some of the newer trends with minimum effort and very little cost. She advises:

Don’t shy away from colour. “Black flatters very few people.”

Strong hues will make you appear more confident than pastels.

The five top colours of the season are “tomato red, berry orchid, rich purple, teal blue and midnight ink.”

If colour is a stretch for you, update your neutral outfits with a little ‘splash’ like a tie or a piece of tasteful jewellery.

The “sloppy” look is dated. Power-dressing is about attention to detail, and first-class grooming is very “in”.

Opt for quality over quantity. “One good shirt is better than five mediocre ones.”

Invest in a perfect fit or make alterations to existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Ladies: “If you’ve got a waist, define it with a belt. If you’ve got hips, balance them with shoulder pads. If you are top heavy, avoid necklines that come close to the base of your neck.”

Gentlemen: “Shapeless jackets and baggy pants will ruin your credibility before you even have a chance you open your mouth.”
“When the economy is tough, people want to see optimism,” Reed says. “Make an effort to be a source of inspiration for your clients, candidates, fellow team members, family and self. Dare to be different!”

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