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Gillian Kelly of Career Edge says personal branding is key to job success.

Even intelligent people struggle with self-marketing but success in the ‘new job’ market means finding what you do best.

Sounds simple but according to career marketing specialist Gillian Kelly personal branding is the key to getting the job you want in a “fiercely competitive” market.

Ms Kelly says you need to manage your own career path by promoting your personal brand instead of relying on your employer or anyone else.

According to Ms Kelly a personal brand is what makes you distinctive.

“It should be a sentence or a statement and will vary from person to person. For some it could be their analytical skills or project management ability, for others it’s their framework of accountability or organisational skills,” said Ms Kelly.

“The biggest mistake people make is thinking personal branding is hype and bragging but it’s completely the opposite. Personal branding is about finding what you are authentically good at and using that to build your career,” Ms Kelly said.

“Once you’ve worked it out use it consistently on the first line of your resume and your blog or social networking site. Become a ‘go to person’ for a particular skill and an employer can find you in an instant,” she said.

Finding your personal brand

Finding your distinctive trait can be daunting so Ms Kelly recommends calling on the resources of an external party for “clarity” and “momentum”.

“Your family, friends and colleagues are the best place to start because they know you. Spend some time asking them what they think your best attributes are and what they ‘see’ you do well. This can take the hard work out of it,” she said.

Career coaching is also an option according to Ms Kelly for their well-spring of resources and direction.

“Not being able to see what your strengths are is a very Australian trait, career coaches can often help you see what you may be taking for granted.”

Gillian Kelly is career marketing specialist for Career Edge and she will be speaking at the CDAA National Career Conference at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne 15-17 April, 2009. Tickets are available from

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  1. So, what is it that will makes for a good CV, one that will stand out from another?

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