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05 March 2009 8:16am

A company’s “green” policies are a crucial factor in whether candidates accept job offers, but too many organisations are failing to promote their environmental credentials, a survey has found.

The inaugural Robert Walters Employee Insights Survey of more than 1200 employees found that 74 per cent of professionals claim that an employer’s commitment to green policies influences their decision on whether to join the company.

Professionals working in engineering and operations place the most importance on corporate sustainability, with 39 per cent stating that a potential employer’s green policies are extremely important or a key consideration when choosing whether to work for them.

Secretarial and business support staff, along with call centre workers, also hold the issue in high regard, the survey found, whereas those in banking and IT are less concerned about an employer’s environmental awareness.

The survey also found that 58 per cent of respondents are either unaware whether their company is committed to green policies, or feel that their company isn’t doing enough.

Robert Walters Australia managing director James Nicholson says: “If your company is investing in green policies, ensure you communicate this both internally to your staff and externally to clients and the market. What was concerning in this survey was the number of professionals who didn’t know their current company’s stance on green issues and the environment.'”


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